It’s the start of the busy school season and we know you and your staff are managing multiple tasks to ensure the school year kicks off with great success! One thing to keep in mind during the busyness of the new school year is to take time to optimize your student information system and its data.  

Your student information system (SIS) is an important tool for families, staff and administration. By leveraging technology for your staff and families you can reduce lost communications, keep student and family information up to date, develop streamlined processes for both staff and families and reduce manual tasks while ensuring student and family privacy and safety.  

How you optimize and manage your SIS can have a long-term impact on your school and make or break the success of your school year.  

Ask yourself these questions: 

How are you ensuring your school’s data is clean, rolled over and ready to be leveraged by your staff properly?  

Do you have your communications strategy set for quick and easy, plug-and-send messaging to families?  

What is your plan for information and funds collection for events and field trips? 

Is your school software integrated and ready to sync data seamlessly for less manual tasks? 

In our webinar – Planting Seeds for a Successful School Year: 4 ways to prepare your student management operations – we cover all the ways to prepare your SIS and student management processes for the upcoming school year.  

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