You’ve learned and gained a lot from last year and now your school can proactively build upon your successes. Make this year’s school year the best experience possible for your families! 

We know you’ve been busy optimizing student portals, virtually tracking grades, lessons, and attendance and improving communication channels between students, families and staff. Whether your school remained virtual for the full year, or your students and teachers transitioned to in-person classes, optimizing your student management processes was a vital key to building a positive overall experience.  

Now you need to keep that momentum going to drive enrollment, retention, fundraising, advocacy and, ultimately, revenue.

How? Here are five ways to boost your overall family and staff experience:  

1. Give families and faculty a 360-degree view of each student and classroom.  

2. Adopt and offer online payment methods.  

3. Ensure your school is modernizing to meet your new generation of families who rely more on digital communication than offline communication.  

4. Give your teachers the tools they need to communicate to families and to have families kept up to date on student attendance, assignments and grades.  

5. Use integrated technology to ensure a streamlined experience for your staff, reduce workload and minimize staff turnover.  

Learn more about how to build on the momentum you’ve developed over the last year and a half to skyrocket your family experience in our on-demand webinar, Planting Seeds for a Successful School Year: 5 ways to improve the overall family and staff experience.