The schools we serve are committed to implementing technology that advances ease of usage for staff in the school. When you get a new hire the last thing you want is to have to worry about lost hours due to long-learning curves on understanding your already in place software programs.  

At Educate we understand at every school that time is money. And that includes time spent on training or supporting new staff in learning new technology programs used at the school.  

That’s why we offer personalized training on all our software programs. Whether you have school management software, enrollment management, tuition management, student information system, or tuition management services, we offer personalized training to ensure your staff feels confident in using our systems.  

We’re committed to you spending more time on your mission rather than your technology. And we offer several training packages to ensure your school gets the unique support you need when you need it. Just as your school band comes back each year with new members and learning new ways to play together, we orchestrate training options for you that ensure your staff feels fully in tune with all the software you are using!  

Our general support includes training and system support including new school basic training, new hire administration training, schedule training, form creation and report card creation and assistance. Our technical support is driven by serving thousands of schools and learning what their needs are to ensure smooth technology adoption.  

We offer reporting, data assistance, report creation assistance, and custom report creating (outside of rollover services.)  Robust reporting from clean data can help you get more grant funding and have transparent reporting to your school board, administrator, grant funders and school supporters.  

Schools also need to ensure data is up to date and represents student profiles accurately.  Our data wellness check and data clean-up and review can be a significant advantage going into the new school year for garnering new students and tracking existing students effortlessly.  

We also offer support for historical data import, census for updates and donor management support.  

If your school has a custom request, don’t worry, we can manage those as well. Let us take your tech overwhelm away and help you to reach success in the new year. We know you need less manual task loads, less stress and valuable data and technology support for your school.  

We also know budget is forefront in determining what services you can utilize. That’s why we pro-actively provide an expert driven 30-minute discovery call to easily determine the number of hours of consultation time needed for training, best practices instruction, and planning for the next year’s school season.  

For more information on how we help your fine-tune all your school’s initiatives, click here.