Communication with your students and families is more important now than ever before. Being able to easily send consistent and efficient communications to your families helps ensure you stay in touch with those who matter most to your school’s success.

Utilizing a communications center built right into your student information system reduces manual workload, ensures congruence in messaging, and provides expedient methods for sending and tracking important school messages.

Research shows regular communication with families helps increase a stronger relationship with families, students and positively impacts the student outcomes. Ensuring that families have access to school information including grades, events and student progress help improve the family experience. Having an all-in-one communication system within your SIS, can help you power communication to families.

One of the key findings of the 2020 Center for American Progress survey revealed, “Parents, teachers, and school leaders reported that the school communicated information frequently but said ideal communication would be more frequent and more consistent.”

Being able to communicate with your families at the time and platform that works best for them, can provide your school with a competitive advantage.

Here are 6 benefits of having an all-in-one communication system within your SIS:

  1. Time-saving – ensures timely messaging and gives users the opportunity to update their own communication preferences and contact information in real time.
  2. One centralized platform – by sending all messages and alerts from a centralized platform schools will have better insight and data in best times to communicate to families and students.
  3. Eliminates data transfers – by being able to send messages and alerts to contacts directly from an internal school information system with no data mapping or syncing required.
  4. Messages and alerts – schools can set up recurring alerts to send daily, weekly, monthly on several different platforms including text, phone, and email.
  5. Targeted communication – schools can send targeted communication to families, groups of people or even filter to a single recipient ensuring messages reach the right people at the right time.
  6. Strong admin tools and measurement of open rates – schools can easily track communication to families and staff with a built-in admin view that allows drill-down into sent messages and email open rates.

At Educate, our student information system enables frequent, efficient, and effective communication tools for your families and staff. For more information go here .