Are you still relying on a paper trail to keep all your student, parent, and financial records? Are your parents desiring more 24/7 online access to student records, grades, and up-to-date financial awards? Is your school system (like most others) trying to reduce costs at every level to enable more robust programming for students? 

Did you know that paper usage at schoolcan reach well over 320,000 sheets per year? That’s an average of 2,000 sheets per day for a full school year! At even 5 cents a page it represents $16,000 a year spent just on paper.   

Reducing that paper usage by 50% would give you $8,000 dollars more a year that you could spend elsewhere in-school programs, financial award incentives, or even additional PPE. For instance, the average cost of PPE for schools starts at $55 per student which equates to 145 students you could protect with your paper savings.

Most importantlythere are risks and problems associated with utilizing primarily paper-based operations including:  

  • Student and financial information at risk of being lost or filed in error. 
  • Student information not being secure and protected in easily accessible file cabinets. 
  • Student messages/grades/records lost or non-trackable if sending through the postal system.

The solution to empowering your digital transformation and reducing risks and paper costs? Find out in our guide featured on our sister brand, TADS, website: Digital Transformation and your Student Management: A guide on how traditional operations are costing your school more than you think. 

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