Proactively Combatting Potential Learning Loss



On-Demand Webinar

The past two school years have been impacted by many challenges to students, teachers, and school leaders. One of the most pressing challenges is addressing the needs of students’ learning in different environments, whether it be fully remote, fully in-person, or hybrid environments. Additionally, with intermittent 1-2 week absences due to testing COVID positive and quarantines, many students have suffered learning losses. The good news is that pro-active changes to the curriculum, enhanced 1:1 instruction, social-emotional learning modules, and redevelopment of learning plans can all positively improve and decrease learning loss, once a student can be identified as needing additional support and early intervention.

This webinar will provide actionable tactics schools can use with their SIS to quickly identify students in need of assistance, and provide tools for good parent-teacher communications, tracking of progress, and school-wide visibility on students in need of intervention.

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