Educate Communications Center

An all-in-one, integrated communications solution

Keep your community connected with personalized text, phone and email messaging

Communication with your students and families is more important now than ever before. Educate offers easy-to-use tools and customizable templates so you can send consistent and efficient communication to your community while spending time on the things that really matter. With the Communications Center built right into your SIS, you can rest assured that you’re sending messages to the most up-to-date contacts and that important communications are reaching every member of the community.

A complete solution for both in-person and virtual learning

Improve the parent experience.

Keep families informed with clear, consistent messages sent across multiple channels while userupdate their own communication preferences and contact information in real time.

Save time.

Easy-to-use and learn tools, templated messaging and recurring alerts save staff time by automating processes and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Upgrade your communications.

Send all messages and alerts from one centralized platform and gain better insight into how and when your school is communicating to families and students.

Eliminate data transfers.

Send messages and alerts to contacts directly from your SIS seamlessly– no data mapping or syncing required!


Messages and Alerts

Send one-time communications and/or set up recurring alerts to send daily, weekly etc. via text, phone and email.

Targeted communication

Send messages to all families, target specific groups of people or filter to a single recipient to ensure that important messages reach the right people at the right time.

Customizable templates

Leverage pre-built templates to communicate topics such as emergencies, academics, billing, attendance and general messaging. Or customize your own templates to meet your school-specific needs.

Emergency Messaging

Keep connected in an emergency. Educate allows you to send emergency messaging from outside the school building and without internet.

Enterprise-level communication

Administrators at districts and diocese that use Educate across multiple schools can create and send messages to staff and families at all member school simultaneously, using consistent and efficient workflows.

Admin tools and open rates

Track your communication to your families and staff effectively & efficiently with an admin view that allows drilldown into sent messages and email open rates.

Unique tracking capabilities

Let us help you take your school communications to the next level. Our new features were designed with you in mind; to help you save time, increase engagement with families and keep your entire community informed.

  • A new reply center to view replies to text messages

  • Success/failure email notifications

  • URL shortener adds links to your text messages seamlessly

  • Usage tracking and alerts

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